About us - בית הפול

The green
Bet Haful

Where it all started

Bet Haful was established in 1952, when grandparents immigrated to Israel and opened a small green hut in the southern neighborhood of Be’er Sheva. In the same hut they served delicious food that they prepared with love, according to family recipes they brought with them from home in Egypt.

Over the years, the grandmother who raised the grandchildren passed on to them the special recipes of grandparents that have been passed down from generation to generation and are kept secret to this day and we, the next generation – add to the old recipes new and wonderful flavors all the time.

We at Pool House are proud of the place we created. A place where every table is served not only a meal, but a complete, colorful and beautiful celebration of seductive aromas and an abundance of options and flavors. A place with a pleasant homely atmosphere and fresh food, with a taste of yesteryear, with a service that is always accompanied by a big smile. Everything… To give you the good and delicious experience that you love so much, and to preserve the special charm that was born in the hut of grandparents.

enjoy your meal

Be a part of the success

We always strive to grow, disperse the love and passion for food together with brave partners for a particularly long and delicious journey

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