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For events!

Hi! First of all, mazal tov and congratulations!

Yes, you can also make your guests happy with Bet Aful Hayarok. Whether it’s social events, weddings, birthday parties, bachelor nights, after parties or any happy occasion, Bet Aful Hayarok’s got the skilled professional people who can make your event a great experience.The Green Bet Haful has a skilled and professional team whose entire mission is to provide an experience for any event anywhere.

Here are some of the options we’ve got to offer:

Market table

Market table with home baked challah and boiling hot schnitzel, spicy hot ‘matbukha’ and delicious aubergine, as only a Grandma knows how to make! Chips abu-Nap’kha (our specialty!), stick chips, sweet potato chips, onion rings, falafel balls, chopped vegetables of all kinds, corn, edamame, different types of tehina, hummus and much more!

Falafel and Sabikh Booth

Know our famous sabikh and falafel? We’ll come to you and set up a booth at your event, and provide the dreamiest pita you’ve ever tasted, just like in our restaurants.

Shawarma Booth

It’s no secret that our amazing turkey shawarma is the tastiest in the land… We’ll come to you and make sure your guests are licking their fingers!

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